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Civilization Stats
Physical Strength: x0.7
Optimal Temp.: +18°C
Growth Range: -7°C to +43°C
Growth Multiplier: x0.5
Max. Pop. Multiplier: x1
Land/Water Affinity: Both
Optimal Water Balance: 70%
Max. Home Guard: 5%
Max. Unemployment: 25%
Max. Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 10%
Penalty for Unhappiness: 1%
Tax Sensitivity: x0.45

Unlike many other advanced biological species, the history of the Zonikloid is not dominated by tribalism and futile wars. Their path of progression was relatively obstacle-free after adapting early to both land and sea and evolving a powerful biological defense against predators. They are a capable, confident species that enjoys a simple existence.

Zonikloids are an amphibious species equally at home on land or in water. Although their bodies are fairly weak, they have the wondrous quality of being able to generate strong electrical fields which they have harnessed into powerful biotech that can significantly boost the power generated by a colony. In-Game Description


Zonikloids are a Minor Faction that can be found throughout a galaxy. They prefer planets with moderate climates but can thrive on both land and water. When a planet with a native Zonikloid population is colonized, their population automatically joins the colony and can contribute to the planet's development.

Benefits to a Colony

Zonikloids automatically triple the energy output of all power stations on a colony.