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Civilization People's Realm
Class Cruiser
Flagship level 14
Tech level 3
Armour 1,900
Length 1,000 m
Engines 2 x L
General (M) 6
General (L) 2
Weapon (M) 4
Orbital bomber (L) 2
Farsu 19,000
Credits 31,320
Build time (secs) 72,000

The Zenith is a next-generation large hull platform. It can be used to create heavily-armoured cruisers equipped with orbital strike cannons. Adapted from In-Game Description

The Zenith is the Tier 3 Cruiser hull of The People's Realm.

Overview & Strategy

The Zenith has several key uses for the People's Realm player. As a cruiser, it is the only ship capable of mounting weapons used for Orbital Strikes, and with six Medium and two Large General slots, can be heavily armoured to resist return planetary fire. This equipment space can also be used for Assault Troop Carriers, to create large assault ships capable of transporting over 50,000 soldiers each. Unfortunately, at 1,000m in length, it can be difficult to fit a full fleet of 14 cruisers in the available fleet circle. Players with access to the Admiral can use one of these vessels as a flagship, and form a fleet of 17 cruisers around it for maximum strike potential. Alternatively, Zeniths can be used solo as the flagships of supply convoys or raiding fleets.

Despite its intimidating, scarab-like profile, the Zenith is distinctly average compared to the cruisers of other Major Factions. The Ripchee's Scare cruiser has greater troop-transporting capacity, while the Syntis T43 is more effective at conducting orbital bombardments. However, with a base build time of 20 hours, the Zenith is slightly quicker to build than either of these two hulls.