Well-Established Logistics

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Well-Established Logistics
Well-Established Logistics.png
Spaceship Engineering Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Freight Transport
Difficulty: 150 or 450 (see text)
Unlocks: Tier 2 Freighter Hull
Required By: Advanced Logistics or Freight Standards


Well-Established Logistics is an unusual Technology in that its Difficulty varies, depending on the player's chosen Major Faction. Ripchee and Syntis players can unlock this tech at 150 Difficulty, while other Factions will have a 450 Difficulty tech. Regardless of this, the unlock will be the same; the Tier 2 Freighter hull of the player's Faction. These hulls are larger and have significantly larger carrying capacity than their Tier 1 equivalents, greatly assisting in the movement of cargo, population and olzine throughout an empire. In order to construct these improved ships, the player must perform the appropriate upgrade to their Shipyards.

The Ripchee and Syntis have access to a further set of Tier 3 Freighter hulls, which are a subsequent unlock of this tech.