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Greetings, so if you are reading this you want to know who is the chatty bugger that keeps popping up on the forum and here and...

Well not much to add to the forum bio I really am a 50 something Gamer that enjoys a bit of hobby programming nad work (in part) as a web admin so know my way around simple web site deign at least.

I did a fair amount of Wiki Editing a few years ago for a Game called "Age of Wulin" so know roughly how the format goes here. Still feel pretty inexperienced in BD Alpha but what I have discovered so far am happy to attempt to share.

Totally not worried about having anything I write here being edited or changed just go for it. But if I see provably wrong info added will change it back (with citations if I can)

Anyhoo good to meet you as it were.

"You may fire when ready..!"