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New for Alpha 3 and Following User [requests].

Below is a set of links to the Data Tables of various Structures. These are Dynamic Data Tables that the Developers can directly update and the Wiki definitions should automatically then change to reflect these changes. If you spot a bug (incorrect entry to what you find in game including picture miss matches), report it on the [forum here] or leave a Comment on the "Talk" sub page of the appropriate wiki page and we'll chase down the error :)

For upgrading a Space ship see here

Datatable example.png

There is debate on the pro's & cons of building new over upgrading. This is a matter of play style as well as game mechanics. So at this point all we can do is collect the information and strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the stats of the building (Via the links below) you are considering to upgrade and judge weather that or a new T1 building is the better investment on the particular planet under consideration.

Upgradable building link list: