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The game is unresponsive

If you can enter a galaxy but the game:

  • Is slow to respond
  • Freezes
  • Frequently disconnects
  • Causes your PC to become unresponsive

Please try the following:

Change the in-game graphics settings

Open the game settings from the top right corner of the game's main UI.

Enable Vertical sync

Graphics Settings Vsync.jpg

Or try setting an FPS limit e.g. 60, 40, 20

Graphics Settings FPS.jpg

Change graphics quality from the configuration launcher

Restart the game and try selecting a lower 'Graphics quality' e.g. 'Low' from the game configuration window (the first window that's opened after launching the game - see image below).

Please note: this window can occasionally default the 'Graphics quality' to 'High' even if you've previously been using a lower setting (it's worth keeping an eye on this setting each time you launch the game).

See also: Configuration window


Check your PC is using your graphics card for Outscape

If you're not sure how to do this you can find out how here or here.

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