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Treaties are diplomatic agreements between two players.

See also: Alliances

Diplomacy page

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Agreeing a treaty

A treaty is formed after one player agrees to a treaty proposed by another player.


Diplomacy Propose Treaty Form.jpg

  • To propose a treaty to another player open the Proposals tab and click the Propose Treaty button
  • Before you can send a treaty proposal to a player you must find them using the Player search (the search is case-sensitive and player names must be entered exactly)
  • Non-aggression will be the only treaty type available to most players - only an alliance Leader or Consul can propose an alliance treaty
  • You have the option to include a short message (this message is also sent as a private message to the player)
  • After a treaty proposal has been sent it's listed under the Proposals tab (you can revoke the proposal while it's still pending)
  • You will receive a notification after the other player has responded

Revoking a pending proposal

  • You can revoke a pending treaty proposal you've sent from the propose treaty screen
  • When a treaty proposal is revoked the other player will receive a notification
  • Treaty proposals that aren't responded to within 30 days are automatically revoked (to be confirmed)

Diplomacy Proposals Tab.jpg


  • The Proposals tab (see above image) lists both sent and received treaty proposals
  • For treaty proposals that you have received you can respond by clicking the Agree or Reject buttons (for treaty proposals you have sent there is a Revoke button instead)
  • The other player will be notified of your response
  • Agreed treaties are then listed on the Treaties tab

Terminating a treaty

  • You can terminate an agreed treaty instantly from the treaties tab
  • You will be notified if a player terminates a treaty previously agreed with you
  • If a treaty is terminated the effect is immediate e.g. safe passage is revoked and the player is displayed in red again


  • Players that you have agreed a treaty with can be private messaged from the main chat window (even if they are outside scanner range)
  • You can also private message players that you've sent a treaty proposal to or received one from

Treaty types

Non-aggression pact


Each player will see each other's systems, planets and fleets displayed in green (when they are visible to them through scanners).

Treaty Star.jpg
Green system labels indicate a player you have a treaty agreed with has colonized a planet in that system

Treaty Fleets In Orbit.jpg
Green labels and trajectory lines indicate units of a player you have a treaty agreed with


Players that have agreed a non-aggression pact grant each other safe passage:

  • Fleets in a planet's orbit won't automatically attack the other player's fleets while they're in orbit
  • Orbit defense systems won't attack the other player's fleets while they're in orbit
  • Players can safely travel through each other's minefields without being damaged


  • Players are not blocked from ordering their fleets to attack the other player's fleets or planets e.g. bomb, invade
  • Attacking a player you have a treaty with does not automatically terminate a treaty treaties can only be terminated manually


  • Players can join together to form alliances which expand on the one-to-one treaties players can form with other players
  • Non-aggression pact treaties automatically exist between all alliance members