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Scribes Note

This is gonna take some time (unless somebody else pitches in) so despite my dislike of doing this; the page may be left partially completed for some time as stuff is added in. Sorry but that's the best can do for now. -Z


Outscape has a wealth of individual technologies that a player can research to unlock new buildings capabilities or space craft to their empire. Under this page we will provide a full listing of all the Games techs so you can immediately look up whichever one you are interested in learning more about in the specific.

Format should be {Tech Name} (Science to achieve - One line mini description) Individual linked pages need to tie into as many existing articles on that Tech's subject as can be found, Information is too scattered at present some consolidation is very much required.

Engineering Techs

Engine Technologies listed here

Olzine Charged Engine (50 Science - First tier of improved engine. Better fuel efficiency, power output and speeds [5/1])

Manufacturing Techs

These are all the technologies that unlock one or more buildings that allow you to make a usable resource from whatever deposit or raw material may be on planet or in an Asteroid field. NB Deliberately didn't call it Mining in case compound manufactures are added later!

Olzine lvl 1.png Olzine Extraction (0.1 Science - Small Oz Mines)

Deep Space Mining (0.1 Science -Asteroid Mining)

Ziryl lvl 1.png Ziryl-90 Fusion (5 Science - Small Zy Mines)

Limbalt lvl 1.png Industrial use of Limbalt (5 Science - Small Lm Mines)

Olzine lvl 2.png Olzine Pump Minimization (50 Science - Allows for the T2 Upgrade to the Olzine Mine/refinery)

Planetary Development Techs

All these Techs affect how a planets usability in some way. Some adjust the planet itself others directly influence the Population.

Entertainment Research 1.pngEntertainment Practice (5 Science - Allows the construction of Entertainment buildings that boost the happiness of Organic Civilisations only)

Ship Building Techs

All these Techs either allow you to build a different Kind of ship or a specific component that can be added to the Hull types you have already unlocked.

Weapons Techs

Each of these unlocks usually a single weapon. Careful planning of which weapons you choose to unlock should be observed! See Ship Weapons for an overview of the subject.

Miscellaneous techs

Any Tech that I cant instantly decide where it should go in another category is here. You think it should be elsewhere? Feel free to edit (Cut 'n' paste the code)

Power Research 2.png Fusion Reactor Efficiency (25 Science - Allows for building more Power plants)

Communication Control (25 Science - Allows you to build infrastructure to support a larger fleet of ships)

Scientific Methods (150 Science - Allows the T2 upgrade to the Laboratory building doubling the science output to 2.)