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PrevTech=[[Specialized Space Forces]]|
PrevTech=[[Specialized Space Forces]]|
Unlocks=Tier 2 [[Frigate]] Hull (All Factions), Enhanced [[Ship Repair]] Module ([[Syntis]] only)|
Unlocks=Tier 2 [[Frigate]] Hull (All Factions), Enhanced Ship [[Repair Module]] ([[Syntis]] only)|
NextTech=[[Mine Warfare (tech)|Mine Warfare]]|
NextTech=[[Mine Warfare (tech)|Mine Warfare]]|

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Tactical Space Forces
Tactical Space Forces.png
Spaceship Engineering Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Specialized Space Forces
Difficulty: 450
Unlocks: Tier 2 Frigate Hull (All Factions), Enhanced Ship Repair Module (Syntis only)
Required By: Mine Warfare


With a Difficulty rating of 450, Tactical Space Forces is a mid-game Technology, and is an important step up the Spaceship Engineering tech tree. Once researched, the player will be able to construct Tier 2 Frigates at their Shipyards, provided they have made the appropriate upgrade beforehand.

Tier 2 Frigates continue with the trend set by their Tier 1 counterparts in being medium-sized, multi-role ships. Compared to Tier 1 hulls, they are typically significantly better-armed and equipped, making them more effective raiders or strike craft for mounting invasions. They also gain a Medium slot compatible with the Minelayer module, making them essential (with the notable exception of the Syntis) for waging Mine Warfare; either sowing defensive minefields to protect the player's planets, or in an offensive role by mining the shipping lanes and systems of other players. In order to unlock the basic Minelayer, the player must research the Mine Warfare technology, for which Tactical Space Forces is an immediate prerequisite.

In addition to the Tier 2 Frigate hull, Syntis players will also unlock the Enhanced self-repair module for their hulls, which carries out repairs three times more quickly than the base version.