Sub-Particle Fission

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Sub-Particle Fission
Sub-particle Fission.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Fusion Reactor Efficiency
Difficulty: 50
Unlocks: Ship Generators
Required By: Energy Conservation


Despite being located in the Infrastructure section of the Tech Tree, researching Sub-Particle Fission actually unlocks a type of ship module, namely auxiliary Ship Generators to provide further power for ships. It is a very useful tech to research, particularly for players that prefer Energy Weapons.

When designing and constructing ships, it is likely that players will quickly become limited by a lack of available ship power. A ship's primary power source are its Engines, but these provide only a limited amount of power to run ship modules and energy-based weaponry. Hence, players quickly run into a trade-off of what systems can be mounted before the power runs out in all ship designs. Fitting the Generators this Tech provides to supply additional power can circumvent this limit.