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Star system labels are used to show the currently known status of a star system from the star map. For example, if the system is known to be colonized, if there are any fleets present, and if the player has a colony in the system, whether there is a shipyard present or a colony has a problem.

Please note: treaties and alliances aren't in the game yet, but are shown on this page in preparation for their future arrival (no ETA on this yet).

Colonization status

Label color is used to show whether the system contains a planet known to be colonized and if so by whom: the player, an enemy or an ally.

If a player doesn't have sufficient scanner coverage of a star system e.g. no fleet or scanner equipped planet nearby, the label shown is the same for a system known not to contain a colony.

Label Uncolonized.jpg
Unknown / No colony
Label Player No Yard No Problem.jpg
Player colony exists
Label Enemy.jpg
Enemy colony exists
Label Ally.jpg
Ally colony exists
Label Shared.jpg
Player, ally, enemy colonies all in the same system

Player colonized systems

When a system contains at least one planet colonized by the player, the blue label will also display information about: population size, shipyard existence and colony status.

Population size

Blue labels will always have a number on the left of the label within either a circle or a hexagon shape (a hexagon shows that the player has at least one shipyard in that system while a circle represents no shipyard).

The number itself represents the combined population size of the player's colonies in that system rounded down to the nearest significant value, for example:

Label Player Pop 1.jpg
1,000 to 1,999 colonists
Label Player Pop 4.jpg
40,000 to 40,999 colonists
Label Player Pop 12.jpg
12,000,000 to 12,999,999 colonists

Colony status

The text color of the population size is used to show whether a colony in that system requires attention or not:

  • Green: no colonies have any problems
  • Orange: at least one colony has negative population growth
  • Red: at least one colony has a serious problem e.g. power outage, rioting, has been invaded
Label Player No Yard No Problem.jpg
No colony problems
Label Player Warning.jpg
Negative population growth
Label Player Problem.jpg
Serious problem


A hexagon shape around the population number indicates that there is at least one shipyard in that system. If there is no shipyard, a circle is used instead.

Label Player Yard No Problem.jpg
Shipyard in the system
Label Player No Yard No Problem.jpg
No shipyard in the system

Fleets and planets

Depending on the star map zoom level, the labels will also show if there are known to be any fleets in the system (top of the label) or further details about the colonization status of the planets (bottom of the label).

Ownership of fleets and planets are represented by the following colors:

  • Blue: player
  • Green: ally
  • Red: enemy
  • Orange: pirates

Label Zoomed.jpg

For example, the above star system label shows:

  • The system is colonized by the player
  • There is a shipyard in this system (hexagon shape)
  • The population is huge - 10 million or more (99)
  • There are no issues with any player colonies (green font color for population size)
  • 51 ally fleets, 23 player fleets, 12 enemy fleets, and 47 pirate fleets are in this system
  • There are 5 planets in this system, 3 colonized by the player


Hovering a label will open a tooltip which shows further details of the planets and fleets in the system.


Tooltip example for a system colonized by the player

Planet status icons

The below icons are used where conditions on a planet or colony deserve player attention. They are shown on star system label tooltips (see above) and will in future be used on the Galaxy Overview and planet labels within a star system.

Image Title Description
Planet Ideal Icon.png Optimum environment (Not used in game yet) Ideal planet temperature for optimal population growth. An excellent target for colonization.
Population Decline Icon.png Negative population growth This planet is losing colonists! Take action to stabilize the colony and halt its decline.
Power Outage Icon.png Power outage The colony doesn't have enough power and buildings aren't working! Take action now to restore power.
Rioting Icon.png Colonists are rioting Colonists are rioting due to unhappiness. There is a risk of damage to colony infrastructure. Take action now to increase happiness and put an end to the riots.
Planet Under Invasion.png Under invasion The planet has been invaded by another player's empire!