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PrevTech=[[Freight Transport]]|
PrevTech=[[Freight Transport]]|
Unlocks=Tier 1 [[Frigate]] Hull (All Factions), [[Ship Repair]] Module ([[Syntis]] only)|
Unlocks=Tier 1 [[Frigate]] Hull (All Factions), Ship [[Repair Module]] ([[Syntis]] only)|
NextTech=[[Assault Drop Capsules]], [[Tactical Space Forces]], [[Intelligence Warfare]]|
NextTech=[[Assault Drop Capsules]], [[Tactical Space Forces]], [[Intelligence Warfare]]|

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Specialized Space Forces
Specialized Space Forces.png
Spaceship Engineering Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Freight Transport
Difficulty: 50
Unlocks: Tier 1 Frigate Hull (All Factions), Ship Repair Module (Syntis only)
Required By: Assault Drop Capsules, Tactical Space Forces, Intelligence Warfare


At 50 Difficulty, it will take brand new players some time to unlock Specialized Space Forces, but it is a worthwhile tech to pursue early, as it unlocks basic Frigate-class ships. These tend to lack the raw combat power of Destroyers, which are easier to unlock.

Instead, Frigates are medium-sized multi-role ships. They can be fitted with Assault Troop Carriers, and so can undertake raids or invasions against planets owned by other players. Another advantage Frigates have over Destroyers is that they are usually slightly cheaper and quicker to build. They are also usually smaller than destroyers, which improves their fuel efficiency, thus making them more effective convoy escorts.

Specialized Space Forces is a doubly important technology for Syntis players, as it also grants them access to self-repair modules for all hulls. More generally, it is a crucial prerequisite technology, being required to unlock researches for two Tier 2 hulls, as well as the aforementioned Assault Troop Carriers.