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Spawn codes enable friends to play alongside each other in the same game:

  • A player can allocate one of their planets for a friend by generating a spawn code and giving it to them
  • The friend can enter the spawn code from the game lobby
  • After choosing their civ, they'll join the galaxy and their home planet will be the planet linked to that spawn code
  • The planet is reset as a suitable home planet for the civilization the player chose: size, temperature, land mass, unmined resources (surface resources are left as they are), infrastructure and fleets in orbit.
  • ALL existing structures AND population are first removed! It's not worth allocating a friend a well-developed planet. It's best to leave just enough colonists to keep ownership of the planet in the meantime.

Generating a spawn code


Using a spawn code

1. Click on a game slot from the lobby

Spawn Code Lobby.jpg

  • When clicking on a game slot you'll be asked if you have a spawn code (you can also click the 'Redeem Spawn Code' button)
  • If you don't have a spawn code, click No and you'll be able to select a galaxy to join
  • Click Yes to enter your spawn code

2. Enter your spawn code

Spawn Code Lobby Use.jpg

  • Enter your spawn code and click the 'Validate' button
  • If the spawn code can be used, you'll be able to click 'Proceed' and choose your civilization

If you're unable to use a spawn code, you can ask your friend or another player for a new spawn code, or you can join the galaxy without using a spawn code (you will spawn in to the galaxy in the next available spawn location). It won't be possible to use the spawn code if:

  • Someone else has already used it (another friend may have been sent the code)
  • The planet is no longer owned by the player that generated the spawn code (it could have been captured in an invasion, abandoned, the former owner is no longer playing in that galaxy)
  • The planet is currently being invaded (the spawn code could still be used once the invasion finishes if the planet isn't lost to the invading player)
  • That planet is now the owners only planet (if they were to give you the planet, they wouldn't have a planet left)

3. Choose your civilization

Choose Snithereal.jpg

After successfully redeeming your spawn code you'll need to choose which civilization to play.

4. Start playing


  • After choosing your civilization you will spawn into the game
  • Your home planet will be the planet allocated to you by your friend
  • Your fleets are colored a whiteish blue and you'll have a handful in orbit of your home planet
  • A treaty between you and your friend will have been created automatically
  • Fleets and planets belonging to players you have a treaty with - including your friend - have green labels. Red labels are used for players you don't have a treaty with (you may need to make contact with them to determine whether they have hostile intentions or not)
  • You and your friend can invite other friends to join you in the game
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