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Spacecraft Launching Deck
Spacecraft Launching Deck.png
Spaceship Engineering Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Battle Groups
Difficulty: 3,750
Unlocks: Ship Carrier Modules
Required By: Extended Spacecraft Launching Deck


Spacecraft Launching Deck unlocks a special kind of Ship Weapon, namely the basic Carrier Module. These may only be used by Battleship or Dreadnought hulls in Fleet Battles, with the former being unlocked by the prerequisite technology for these weapons.

In theory, these modules offer a powerful strike capability, with each fighter wing dealing 1,000 damage against a single target, ignoring enemy Shields. However, they have several major drawbacks which make them a poor choice for combat. Carrier modules are extremely expensive to install, with a price tag of 5,000 Ziryl and over 30,000 Credits each, and have a prodigious power consumption of 500 MWt per module. Players are advised to make use of Overcharged Generators in their ship designs to support these power requirements.

The greatest drawback of these weapons is their long flight time of 30 seconds and their single-target nature, meaning their damage output will often be wasted in fleet combats, which are typically over extremely quickly. Despite this, this Technology remains useful as a prerequisite to eventually unlock Dreadnought-class hulls.


  • The icon for this technology appears to show the Carrier Module launching a Hunter Corvette. In-game, the launched fighters are far smaller than the Hunter, which cannot be transported in this module.