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Civilization Stats
Physical Strength: x0.8 (before Bloodthirst)
Optimal Temp.: +30°C
Growth Range: +11°C to +49°C
Growth Multiplier: x1
Max. Pop. Multiplier: x1.1
Land/Water Affinity: Land
Optimal Water Balance: 60%
Max. Home Guard: 5%
Max. Unemployment: 25%
Max. Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 10%
Penalty for Unhappiness: 10%
Tax Sensitivity: x0.45

In the beginning there was only the Great Serpent. They coiled into a great spiral and went to sleep. Their body turned into a galaxy giving life and a home to the first Snithereal.

The Snithereal are apex predators with warrior traditions deeply embedded in their society. Strength, composure, and cunning are qualities held in high-esteem. While fuel efficient, cost effective ships demonstrate a technologically advanced species, their primeval nature is entrenched. Only the blood of their victims can quench their Bloodthirst; only domination of the galaxy can satiate their hunger for power. In-Game Description


Every known ecosystem in the galaxy is supported by a food chain; a rich diversity of microbes, flora and fauna, all dependent on each other to survive. Such chains always have organisms that sit at the top – apex predators, stronger, faster, more vicious or intelligent than those below them. The most dangerous of all are those species which comprehend their lofty position, and resolve to not just exploit it, but entrench it against any who would oppose them.

Those in Snithereal society who do not possess such traits, this primal drive to feed and conquer, are consigned to the worst fate imaginable for their kind – going hungry. Those that do, which partake in the "Bloodthirst" together, as it has been labelled by xenoanthropologists, are members of a deeply-knit martial fellowship spanning their species, a far cry from the bickering and infighting seen in humans or the remorseless logic of the Syntis.

Having eventually exhausted prey on their homeworld, their ruby-red eyes turned outwards, toward the stars. Harnessing their need to not merely survive, but dominate, they turned their energies towards achieving interstellar travel, a feat which they achieved worryingly quickly. Like the Snithereal themselves, their vessels are sleek and fuel-efficient to satisfy their predatory instincts. After all, any predator that cannot hunt their foe will surely be hunted in turn. These hunting fleets swept through their home system and into the next, conquering and consuming all they found, but still it was not enough.

And then the wormholes opened. Where other civilizations looked upon them with fear, turning away from the unknown, the Snithereal saw opportunity. Here, at last, was a rich new hunting ground, an inexhaustible supply of both food and glorious battle, just waiting for those bold enough to go forth and conquer it. And so they went.

To be witness to a Snithereal invasion is to watch a display of both beguiling grace and horrifying savagery. Striking from beyond ranges their prey thought possible, their invasion fleets sweep aside any opposition before hanging in orbit, warships taller than they are long, as if coiled and ready to strike. Once planetside, their warriors eschew creeping bombardments and siege warfare for lightning strikes, fighting hand-to-hand, both for personal honour and to taste the fear of their foes. Those unfortunate enough to survive conquest live in fear, knowing that they only exist because their new masters permit it, in order to eventually satiate their endless hunger for warm blood.

As any of these unfortunate souls will tell you, there is in fact something worse than being hungry.

Being eaten.

Civilization Features

  • + Low ship construction costs
  • + Low fuel consumption for ships
  • + Advanced ship armour
  • + Well-armed warships
  • + Unique 'Bloodthirst' feature: defending troop power, growth rate and Happiness are boosted while eating an organic population
  • - More sensitive to temperature
  • - Physically weak in ground combat (unless Bloodthirst is active)
  • - Lightly-armoured ship hulls
  • - Weaker ship shields
  • - Less efficient logistics ships

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