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Civilization Stats
Physical Strength: x0.8 (before Bloodthirst)
Optimal Temp.: +30°C
Growth Range: +11°C to +49°C
Growth Multiplier: x1
Max. Pop. Multiplier: x1.1
Land/Water Affinity: Land
Optimal Water Balance: 60%
Max. Home Guard: 5%
Max. Unemployment: 25%
Max. Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 10%
Penalty for Unhappiness: 10%
Tax Sensitivity: x0.45

In the beginning there was only the Great Serpent. They coiled into a great spiral and went to sleep. Their body turned into a galaxy giving life and a home to the first Snithereal.

The Snithereal are apex predators with warrior traditions deeply embedded in their society. Strength, composure, and cunning are qualities held in high-esteem. While fuel efficient, cost effective ships demonstrate a technologically advanced species, their primeval nature is entrenched. Only the blood of their victims can quench their Bloodthirst; only domination of the galaxy can satiate their hunger for power. In-Game Description


The Snithereal don't have a backstory yet. Interested in creating one?

Civilization Features

  • + Low ship construction costs
  • + Low fuel consumption for ships
  • + Advanced ship armour
  • + Well-armed warships
  • + Unique 'Bloodthirst' feature: defending troop power, growth rate and Happiness are boosted while eating an organic population
  • - More sensitive to temperature
  • - Physically weak in ground combat (unless Bloodthirst is active)
  • - Lightly-armoured ship hulls
  • - Weaker ship shields
  • - Less efficient logistics ships

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