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  • Before a ship can be constructed in a shipyard a blueprint needs to be designed
  • Ship blueprint design involves selecting parts and placing them on the slots on a hull
  • Once a blueprint design has been configured it needs to be researched before it's available
  • You can find and build available ship blueprints only in your shipyards

See also: Shipyards

Opening ship design

  • Ship design can be opened from the main menu (see image below)
  • Clicking the 'New Blueprint' button while in a shipyard will also open ship design

Open Ship Design.jpg

Selecting a hull

  • Select a hull to begin a new ship design (you can scroll the hulls list using the arrows or hold left-click and drag left and right)
  • If the hull that you want isn't available you need to research it to unlock it
  • After selecting a hull you'll be taken to the next screen in ship design where you'll configure the parts
  • Once the blueprint has been saved, research of it starts automatically and it'll be available to your shipyards when ready

Ship Designer Select Hull.jpg


  • Slots are the areas of a hull where ship parts and weapons can be attached (the more slots the better)
  • They come in small, medium and large sizes (not all hulls have all sizes)
  • Slots are compatible with either General parts or Weapons (not all hulls have Weapon slots)

Ship Slots List.jpg

For example, the hull slots available in the image above are:

  • 4 x Small General
  • 8 x Medium General
  • 4 x Medium Weapon
  • 2 x Large Weapon

Special abilities

A hull is considered to have a special ability if it has a slot compatible with a part that has limited compatibility. For example, a colonization module can only be placed on a colonizer class hull, and a cloak detector can only be placed on a corvette class hull. If a hull has a special ability listed, hover it to see details.

Configuring a hull

After a hull has been selected the ship's parts need to be configured. This involves selecting available parts and placing them on the hull's slots. Once the parts have configured, clicking the 'Research' button starts research of the new blueprint design.

Available ship parts

  • Ship parts that are compatible with the selected hull are listed on the left e.g. the Colonization module is only listed if you've researched it and are designing a Colonizer class hull
  • If the part that you want isn't available you need to research it to unlock it

Hull slots

  • Slots are the areas of a hull where ship parts and weapons can be placed
  • When no part is selected empty hull slots are highlighted blue
  • When a part is selected only the compatible slots are highlighted (green if empty, yellow if in use)

Ship Design Hull Slots.jpg

Part and slot compatibility

  • Parts and slots must match in size e.g. only a small part can be placed on a small slot
  • Some slots are only compatible with weapons and others general parts
  • Each hull has a slot only compatible with engines and another with scanners (these parts are required)
  • Special ability parts may also only be compatible with one or two specific slots on a hull e.g. a colonizer class hull has just one slot where a colonization module can be placed

Adding parts

  • Select a part on the left and click on a slot on the hull to place it
  • Empty slots compatible with the selected part highlight green
  • Used slots compatible with the selected part highlight yellow (you can place a part on a yellow slot to replace the current part)
  • Energy balance: if the parts added require more energy that the ship configuration provides, add better engines or generators to increase the power supply, or remove parts that consume energy

Removing parts

  • The easiest way to remove a part is using the ship slots panel
  • You can also remove parts placed on a hull by selecting the 'remove' tool from the available ship parts list and then clicking on the part itself on the ship model

Design considerations

  • Engines and a scanner are required (engines provide the ship with power which is consumed by some ship parts)
  • If ordnance weapons or a minelayer are added an ordnance module is also required (ordnance cannot be shared between ships in a fleet, whereas fuel can)
  • Fuel tanks aren't required because ships can travel without fuel, but engines travel significantly faster when using fuel so they're worth considering
  • Some special parts require fuel to work (cloak detector, cloaking module, minesweeper, mine detector) but fuel tanks aren't required if these parts are added because any fuel carried by a fleet is available to all ships in the fleet)

Ship stats and costs

  • The ship stats and costs update in real-time as parts are added and removed
  • Cost represents the resources that will be required to build one ship based on the current design

Ship Design Stats And Costs.jpg

Ship slots panel

  • The ship slots panel lists all parts placed on the hull
  • Hovering a part will reveal more details
  • Clicking a part will remove it from the hull and free up that slot

Ship Design Ship Slots.jpg

Saving a blueprint

  • Click the RESEARCH button to save the ship blueprint
  • If there are any issues detected with the blueprint you will be notified e.g. no engine was selected, ordnance weapons were added but no ordnance module
  • Research of the blueprint will then begin automatically
  • After research finishes the blueprint will be available to your shipyards

Video example

Watch the video below to see a Colonizer blueprint being designed.

Blueprint research

  • A blueprint must be researched before it's available to your shipyards (this starts automatically when a blueprint is saved)
  • Blueprints based on larger hulls and/or those with more configured parts take longer to research
  • Blueprint research speed is also determined by your science power (the stronger it is, the faster blueprints are researched)
  • Only one ship blueprint can be researched at a time

Ship Design Research In Progress.jpg

Finding your blueprints

  • You can find and build available ship blueprints only in your shipyards
  • Your home planet has a shipyard but you can build more on other planets
  • A shipyard can be opened from planet management by clicking on the shipyard icon or ship build queue

Open A Shipyard.jpg