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As of Alpha 3 One of the most interesting sub tasks in this game is the art of Star-ship building.

Building a ship in Outscape requires a series of steps to be accomplished in order. In this page we will outline the process step by step

Step 1 Blue Print Design

Ship Hull Techs example.png

Your research will have allowed your civilisation to unlock one or more Hull types. This does not by itself grant any ships of that type but will allow you to design one unique to you.

From any shipyard select the Ship build queue and instead of selecting an existing design (You will generally start with one or two basic designs such as a scout and or a coloniser) Click "New Blueprint". Alternately click the first Icon here from the main interface. Right

This will bring you to the Ship Design Selection page thus:

Ship design screen.png

All the Hull types your current research level has unlocked will be displayed. You may need to access the scroll arrows to find the exact one you wish. Alternately click on the Hull type you wish to design this will eliminate all bar that Hull type. Then click select.

This will bring up that Hulls template like so:

PR Scout Design Page.png

Simply drag components from the selection on the left. As you research more tech more items will be added to this list. Not every component you can make will fit or be allowed onto every Hull type. Certain specialised equipment can only be fitted to Corvette class Hulls for example.

As you add equipment costs in terms of Credits and Minerals will be automatically calculated. It does not cost any resources to simple create a blue print. When you are satisfied with the design click Research.

Special Design Notes

  • The interface will warn you if you leave off something vital like the engine... Or if the equipment & weapons you selected exceed the power generated by the ships engine(s) and on board generator units.
  • All ships require an engine & a scanner. All other components are optional
  • The time taken to research the blueprint is proportional to the Tech level and Size of the ship. A scout such as the example above only takes minutes. Battleships may take days just to research.
  • You can only have ONE design researching at any one time. So budget your designing carefully
  • You can edit designs later. However you will be required to give them a new name. It is acceptable to just ad a version umber to the same basic name. EG Scout 1 Scout 2 scout 465 etc etc. Editing a design basically re researches it in terms of time so for bigger ships try to get things right first pass!
  • Warning! Cancelling a Blueprint research or update can cause the blueprint to be deleted. (Possible Bug fix underway for this)

Step 2 Ship Building capacity

Shipyard 1.png

Each shipyard can have one Star-ship under construction at any one time. The tech level of the Star-ship determines the maximum Tech level of the ship(s) it can build. You can of course build a simpler ship in a Higher Tech shipyard but not the other way around.

Shipyard 2.png

Click on that shipyards build queue and you will be shown a list of your fully researched designs. Simply select the one you want to build then hit "Build" if the Icon is lit in Blue. If it is Greyed out there then you cannot build that ship in that shipyard at present. Typical reasons for that are:

  • The planet that has the Shipyard must have sufficient stockpiled resources to allow the build to start
    Shipyard 3.png
  • The Players empire must be able to afford the cost of the ship before the ship can be built
  • The Shipyard may be of insufficient Tech level for the selected design
  • Constructing that ship would exceed the players current fleet limits.

Warning! If you lose fleet capacity while a ship(s) is building and you don not restore it before the Ship completes the Ship Build may glitch out and you could lose resources.

Step 3 Build!

Once you hit build a countdown will begin to show on the ships Icon in the Star-ship Build queue. Just wait out the time now but a couple of things to remember.

  • DO NOT modify that Blueprint while a ship is building based on it. Doing so will cancel construction no matter how close it was to being done of ALL ships building from that blueprint!
  • DO NOT allow the Shipyard's planet to riot or suffer labour or Power shortages. This will cancel the build.
  • DO make sure that you will have Fleet command capacity to allow the ship to complete. Remember even if you plan to fleet that ship with others untill you do you must have spare fleet capacity for it as a one ship "Fleet"

For more information also see this page guide to Shipbuilding