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Civilization Ripchee
Class Corvette
Flagship level 8
Tech level 3
Armour 280
Length 120 m
Engines 3 x S
General (S) 1
Special (S) 1
General (M) 4
Weapon (S) 2
Weapon (M) 2
Farsu 2,800
Credits 7,800
Build time (secs) 6,720

The Saber is a medium and manoeuvrable hull. It's well-suited for the creation of different intelligence service ships. It can be used as an attack vessel as part of a larger fleet. In-Game Description

The Saber is the Tier 3 Corvette hull of the Ripchee.

Overview & Strategy

The Saber is currently the only Tier 3 Corvette in the game, and as such is a uniquely powerful ship. With a flag size of 12, large fleets can be formed around this ship. With the use of a Cloaking Module, it is possible for a Ripchee player to sneak other ships, up to and including Scare cruisers and Pride battleships past enemy defences for attack and invasion purposes. Such a tactic has no effective counters at this time, as the Cloak Detector module only works for four hours at a time; a patient attacker can simply wait until the defender is offline before making their approach. Alternatively, a Saber flagship equipped with a Minesweeper can escort combat and/or invasion ships through enemy minefields, without having to sweep the field in its entirety first. Other factions can also make use of this tactic, but the Saber can bring more and larger ships with it in one trip.

With two Small and two Medium Weapon hard-points, Sabers can also make good light attack craft in their own right, but with only 280 base Armour, they will fare poorly if caught by heavier ships such as Tier 2 Destroyers. All-Saber fleets can be used as fast, cloaked invasion fleets, particularly when equipped with Scout Engines.

Another use for the Saber is as a blockade runner; with four Medium general slots, it has a reasonable capacity for transporting troops, fuel or resources, and can be formed into sizable fleets. With Scout Engines equipped, only other Corvettes will be able to catch such a fleet, and with a Minesweeper equipped, enemy Minefields will not pose a threat either. With all this, the Ripchee player will be able to move resources to where they are needed quickly and safely.