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Civilization Stats
Physical Strength x1.1
Optimal Temp 38°C
Temp Tolerance Mid
Growth Multiplier x1
Max Pop. Multiplier 1.125
Land / Water Affinity Land
Optimal Water Balance 50%
Max Home Guard 5%
Max Unemployment 25%
Max Labor Shortage 30%
Happiness Bonus 30%
Penalty for Unhappiness 50%

The origins of the Ripchee are shrouded in mystery, despite their abundance in numbers. Thousands of colonies and tens of thousands of stray fleets have spread across Andromeda, proving a force to be reckoned with.

A species of hyper-intelligent felines and instinctive pack-hunters, their fleets are strong when in large numbers. Their ability to form functional fleets without a traditional flagship ensures they can avoid ever being caught one on one. Ingame Description


The Ripchee are a species of hyper-intelligent felines. No doubt a powerful genetic stock, ‘feline’ species appear on most planets across the universe in spite of vast differences in ecologies, atomic structures, or other frameworks that supply the means to life. Strong legs and lightning-quick dexterity combined with ‘attractive’ facial features make for quite the creature. Despite the prominence of this genetic archetype, the Ripchee are the only species of its type to truly rise up and come to call a planet its own.

Gamers at heart, the Ripchee have always brought a playful aspect to virtually anything they touch. Being adept and instinctive pack-hunters, their entire homeworld partakes in ‘global hunts,’ where teams of Ripchee band together to hunt down another group, typically consisting of other consenting Ripchee. While all for play, these wargame simulacrums have helped develop the species’ tactical knowledge. Despite their furry and nonthreatening appearances, they’re excellent in warriors and strategists, capable of swift and unexpected maneuvers.

Despite their fondness for the thinking aspects of war, and despite carrying the physical capacity to be vicious on the battlefield, the Ripchee’s inherent playfulness has, thankful to some, kept them from developing into dangerous warmongers. The name, ‘Ripchee’, is actually derived from how the species laughs: a series of skittering hurrahs and chirps that literally sounds like ‘rehp-chee’. And this etymology truly gets to the core of the Ripchee’s cheerful, happy-go-lucky existence.

Of course, that does not mean the Ripchee should be taken lightly. There is a sense of smug superiority rife through the Ripchee community. They tend to ‘play’ with others because they consider themselves so above others that to do anything serious would be a moral atrocity.

As they increasingly come into contact with fellow high-intelligences, there is growing resentment that the ‘feline’ species of other planets are kept under such horrible conditions – namely, the condition of not being in charge. When dealing with a Ripchee, it is best to make sure that any ‘feline’ pets are kept out of sight.

Civilization features

  • + Prefer warmer climates
  • + Advanced defensive shields for ships
  • + Access to unique armour bane energy weapons
  • + Powerful corvettes allow advanced fleet convert operations
  • - Influenced by happiness
  • - Weaker early and mid-game hulls
  • - Less efficient logistics ships
  • - Poor synergy with some Minor Factions