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It is now possible for players to quit a galaxy and rejoin it as a new player (including choosing a new civilization).

Each time a player quits a galaxy, the resources they held on a planet are left there, free for the next player that finds them to claim.

We will be putting limits in place around this ability in future e.g. some sort of cool-down, and eventually expanding it so that a player doesn’t have to restart from zero.

How to quit a galaxy

  • Open the console while the game is running by pressing the ~ tilde key or the ` backtick key (click here for a video demonstration).
  • Enter the command: leave_galaxy and hit the return key. Warning: this cannot be undone - your game will be immediately wiped - there is no confirmation dialog!

How to rejoin a galaxy

  • The same way as when first joining (click here for a reminder).