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Resources can be transferred between objects (planets and fleets) via a transfer screen. This page explains the scenarios and conditions under which it's possible.


Planets & fleets

  • Planets and fleets can transfer resources to each other when fleets are in orbit of a planet
  • Transfers can be initiated by:

Initiating a transfer by selecting the planet

Click the planet to select it

Fleet In Orbit.jpg

From the planet management screen select a fleet on the left to open the transfer screen

Planet Fleet Selection.jpg

Transfer resources between the planet and selected fleet

Planet Fleet Transfer.jpg

Initiate a transfer by clicking the fleets transfer button

Fleet Transfer Button.jpg

Planets & planets

  • Planets can transport resources to other planets in the same star system if both planets have a transporter installed
  • Any planets available to transfer resources to will be listed as options from the planet's resource transfer screen (on the very left)

Fleet to fleet

  • Fleet to fleet transfer is only possible between a player's own fleets (see below Fleet to jettison pods for how to transfer resources to another player's fleet)
  • To be able to transfer resources between fleets they must be in orbit of the same planet

To transfer resources from one player controlled fleet to another:

Fleet to jettison pods

Fleets can transfer resources to fleets of another player indirectly using jettison pods (it's also possible to use the wreckage of a battle instead of a jettison pod). As it's not possible to directly transfer resources to another player's fleet, resources have to instead be transferred to a jettison pod which another player can then collect by moving to the position of the jettison pod and then opening its transfer screen. See the Jettison Pods page for full details.


It's only possible to transfer resources to a fleet if ships in the fleet have both the relevant modules installed and available space. Available and filled space can be seen next to each resource on the transfer screen in the format 'filled/capacity' e.g. '0/50', '0/0', '100/100'.

Resource Transfer Annotated.jpg

Cargo containers

Beron, Farsu, Limbalt and Ziryl is carried on ships using cargo containers. If no cargo containers are installed - or they are full - it's not possible to transfer cargo to a fleet.

Fuel tanks

Olzine (fuel) is carried on ships using fuel tanks. If no fuel tanks are installed - or they are full - it's not possible to transfer olzine to a fleet.

Ordnance modules

Limbalt can be transferred to a fleet as cargo (limbalt to limbalt) if cargo containers are installed, or converted to ordnance (limbalt to ordnance) if ordnance modules are installed.

A ship's ordnance-based weapons can only work if they have available ordnance on board. Limbalt transferred to a ship's ordnance modules is automatically converted into ordnance. Limbalt held in a ship's cargo containers is not accessible to a ship's ordnance-based weapons.

Personnel transports / colonization modules

Citizens/colonists can only be transferred to ships if personnel transports or colonization modules are installed and have available space.

Assault troop carriers

Right now in the game, assault troops are created automatically when transferring regular colonists to a ship's assault troop carriers. Assault troops transferred back from a ship to a planet become regular colonists again.