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The way technology research works has changed slightly for the newest galaxy. Please check here to see how technology research works in the new galaxy (this galaxy hasn't been launched yet).

A critical part of gameplay in Outscape is researching new technologies, in order to unlock new Hulls, Ship Parts, Structures and abilities. A full listing of these technologies is provided at the Technologies page.

Researching Technologies

Research Screen.jpg

The research screen is opened from the top-right of the Main UI by clicking the research icon (the conical flask and atom icon). This will bring up the Tech Tree, which is divided into five sections.

Mousing over each hexagonal Technology icon will show a tool-tip with the technology's name, Difficulty rating, time needed to research and details on what it unlocks. Click the icons to add them to the queue, shown on the left-hand side of the panel above. Research of the next technology in the queue will start automatically after research of the current technology completes. In the example above, Damage Dispersion is currently being researched, and research will automatically start on Tactical Space Forces, and subsequently Advanced Intelligence once this is complete.

Up to five technologies may be queued at any one time, but a tech can only be queued if the technologies it depends on have already been researched or added to the queue. Technologies may also be removed from the queue, if the player changes their mind, but any partial progress made on a piece of research will be lost if it is removed from the queue in this way.

Research does not cost any resources or Credits and continues in the background, even if the player is offline. As a result, it is strongly recommended to have research continuing at all times.

Research Speed

Science Power Practise.jpg

As already stated, research does not consume specific resources, but does take time to achieve. The time required for a piece of research depends on the Difficulty of the individual technology and the total Science Power available to the player's empire. Higher Difficulty techs take longer to unlock, while having more Science Power available will reduce research times. The player can increase their Science Power by building Laboratory structures, the basic version of which can be unlocked via the Science Practice technology.

Auto Research

Auto Research Enabled.jpg

If all queued research completes while the player is offline, their scientists can automatically choose and research technologies until the player queues more, provided the Auto Research checkbox has been ticked (illustrated above). Auto Research only activates if the queue becomes empty, and the player is free to manually queue technologies with it enabled; this functionality will never over-ride the player's choices.

Important early Technologies

The following technologies are critical to research at the start of a new game:

For a much fuller guide on what to research when, see the Technology Quickstart Guide.