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Research technology to unlock new items e.g. ships, parts, buildings (hover a technology to see what it unlocks). The research screen is opened from the top right of the main UI.

For an individual listing of the various Techs in game see Technologies

Researching technology

Research Screen.jpg

  • You should start researching technology immediately. It doesn’t cost anything and continues in the background - even if you’re offline.
  • Click technologies on the technology tree to add them to the queue (up to 5 can be queued).
  • Technology can only be queued if the technologies it depends on have already been researched or added to the queue.
  • Research of the next technology in the queue starts automatically after research of the current technology completes.

Research speed

Science Power Practise.jpg

  • Technologies with a higher Research Difficulty take longer to research
  • Science Power determines how quickly research completes (displayed in the top left of the main UI)
  • Increase your Science Power by constructing laboratories on your colonies (you'll need to research SCIENCE PRACTISE to unlock them)

Auto research

Auto Research Enabled.jpg

  • Keep Auto Research enabled to ensure research never stops
  • If all queued research completes while you’re offline, your scientists automatically choose and research tech until you queue more
  • Auto Research only activates if the queue becomes empty and you can continue to add technology to the queue while it's enabled

Important early technologies

The following technologies are critical if your empire is to grow:

  Technology Difficulty Unlocks
Space Colonization.png Space Colonization 0.5 Colonizer, Colonization module
Laboratory Research 1.png Science Practice 0.1 Laboratories (level 1)
Limbalt lvl 1.png Industrial Use of Limbalt 5.0 Limbalt mine (level 1)
Ziryl lvl 1.png Ziryl-90 Fusion 5.0 Ziryl mine (level 1)