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Red Radiance
Civilization People's Realm
Class Battleship
Flagship level 16
Tech level 3
Armour 2,400
Length 1,000 m
Engines 4 x L
General (S) 4
General (M) 6
General (L) 2
Weapon (S) 2
Weapon (M) 4
Fighter carrier (L) 2
Farsu 24,000
Credits 35,640
Build time (secs) 72,000

Description to be added. In-Game Description

The Red Radiance is the Battleship hull of the People's Realm.

Overview & Strategy

At 1,000m in length, with a large equipment capacity and its distinctive triangular profile, the Red Radiance can be described as the "not really a Star Destroyer" of the game. Powerful and very capable, the RR has few equals one on one. As it carries two Large weapon slots, the PR player should make sure to have researched at least basic torpedo launchers or similar to avoid retrofitting their first ships.

With its Flag rating of 16 it really comes into its own. Useful as a core of a collection of smaller ships, with it the People's Realm player can at last sport a large fleet of anything they choose.