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A players race is the Alien or perhaps not so Alien culture they are playing in the Galaxy. Also referred to as a players "Civilisation"
#REDIRECT [[Civilizations]]
According to the games [[About|background]] a disaster has caused natives of twelve nearby Galaxies to become unstable so in an effort to ensure the survival of their peoples a wave of advanced Super Colony Ships (Seed ships) crossed the intergalactic void to all converge in this Galaxy (Often refereed to as "Andromeda") to start a fresh.
As of Alpha 3 the current races are
* [[Mankind]]
* [[Ripchee]]
* [[The People's Realm]]
* The [[Syntis]]
Also in game are a few minor civilisations that may appear on prospective colony planets. As of this time they are not playable. Small colonies of a player race may also appear in a similar manner but these are not under a players control, effectively "Lost Colonies"
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