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The planet management screen can be opened for any visible planet (for a planet to be visible it must be within sensor range or colonized by yourself). The information available about the planet and ways in which you can interact with it will depend on the status of the planet e.g. colonized, explored, fleets in orbit etc.

Accessing planet management

The Planet Management view can be accessed by:

All planets are only visible around the star if the system is within sensor range.

General information

Info icon

Clicking the info icon next to the planet's name opens the environment and resources panel.

Info hover.png

Based on the planet's temperature and your civilization, the environment panel will recommend whether the planet is suitable for colonization or not.


Player notes for a planet can be added by clicking the notes icon (to the right of the info icon next to the planet's name).


Notes can be set for your planets to help with organizing and managing your empire. Any notes you set for a planet will be visible from the star map.

Notes can also be used to broadcast a message for other players (messages will only be public if you check the public property)! To see your public planet notes, a player must have scanner coverage of the planet.

Planet states

What can be seen from planet management depends on:

  • Whether you've previously explored the planet or not (by entering its orbit)
  • Have a ship in orbit of the planet
  • If the planet is colonized or not

Unexplored planet

Planet unknow.png

If the planet is unexplored you can only see basic environmental info e.g. planet size, land mass and temperature (shown towards the bottom right of the screen or by clicking the info icon).

Explored planet

Pl orb.png

Exploration of the planet will provide additional information about a planet's resources:

  • Resource reserves beneath the surface that would need to be mined
  • Resources on the planet's surface which can be collected by any ship with cargo space via the resource transfer screen (without the need to colonize or mine the planet)
  • If the planet has a native population

While a ship is no longer in orbit of a planet the info shown is the last known state of the planet. To get updated intel, a ship must re-enter orbit of the planet.

Colonized planet


For planets you've colonized you'll be able to see:

  • On the left: any fleets in orbit (select a fleet to open the resource transfer screen), whether the planet has a shipyard, other planets in the same system (clicking any will jump you to its planet management screen).
  • On the right: details of the colony and its available resources.
  • Below: the building construction queue and shipyard queue if a shipyard exists.

Colony Info

  • Resources: the reserve levels of the five mineral resources and their growth rate per hour. Mineral levels will only grow if mining for that mineral is taking place on the planet.
  • Civilizations: the number of citizens and their growth/decline rate per hour. Likewise for a second civilization if present.
  • Science: the science power contributed by the colony to the empire's total science power.
  • Income: credits you receive from the colony and their growth/decline rate per hour. Credits will increase with taxation, but also decrease in line with maintenance costs of fleets and other expenditure.
  • Power Balance: shows the total power output available on the planet and the rate of consumption (buildings consume power). If the level of demand outstrips availability buildings begin to power down. Constructing additional power stations will increase available power.

Planet ownership

To determine whether a populated planet is owned by another player (can't be colonized, can only be taken by force) or is home to a native population (can be colonized), a player must have a ship in orbit of the planet.

The image below on the right shows a planet that is owned by another player - identified by the player's name and civilization emblem both in red. If a player doesn't have a ship in a planet's orbit, or does but the planet isn't owned by a player, the planet name will look similar to the image below on the left (no red player name or civilization emblem).

Planet Names.jpg