Orbital Defence System

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Orbital Defence System
Orbit Defense Level 1.png
Planetary Infrastructure
Prerequisite Military Base Automation
Difficulty: 450
Unlocks: Orbit Defense System Tier 1
Required By: Orbital Security

This article is about the technology which provides Tier 1 orbital defences. For an overview of these structures, see Orbit Defense System.


Orbital Defence System is a critical defensive technology, and players should aim to unlock it a soon as they reasonably can. Researching it unlocks Tier 1 Orbit Defense System structures - guns capable of attacking enemy ships and fleets in their planet's orbit.

These have two general effects; direct fire against enemy fleets in the orbit of the planet they are constructed on (1000 damage per shot every 20 minutes), and destroying 25% of all troops that land as part of a raiding or invasion attempt, regardless of cool-down.

Multiple guns do not stack for anti-invasion purposes (only the effect of the best one is used), but they do stack for direct fire damage. However, a skilled opponent will bait their fire with a cheap Scout before any major attack, then move in while the weapon(s) are on cool-down. With all this in mind, players should definitely build one of these structures on each planet they control, but multiple Defense Systems are not worth the investment.