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Civilization People's Realm
Class Frigate
Flagship level 7
Tech level 1
Armour 770
Length 380 m
Engines 4 x L
General (S) 4
General (M) 2
Weapon (S) 4
Weapon (M) 2
Farsu 7,700
Credits 5,850
Build time (secs) 27,360

The October is a frigate hull that has less firepower than a typical destroyer but allows the installation of modules for troop transfer. Adapted from In-Game Description

The October is the Tier 1 Frigate hull of The People's Realm.

Overview & Strategy

With a Flag level of seven and a reasonably fast (for PR) construction time, the October hull can make a good early-game flagship, and with six Weapon hard points, it has superb firepower for a Tier 1 hull. Frigates are the base chassis for a few select roles, most notably planetary raiding. However, carrying both troops and cargo is something the October does not really have the capacity for, sporting only two Medium and four Small General slots. The Tier 2 Izzvil is better for this role. Alternatively, Freighters might be considered to support raiding frigates.

Despite this, the October has a few niches to fill. Its weapon load-out is similar to the Stallion destroyer, but the October relies primarily on Small weapons, which are easier for a new player to unlock. Compared to the destroyer, the October is both cheaper and faster to build, and is more fuel-efficient, making it a better choice for convoy escort between systems. This allows the PR player to free up their powerful destroyers to serve in dedicated combat formations. In the mid-to-late game, making several of these as swift replacements for lost Stallions can help rebuild a fleet caught in a war.

When considering ship builds, the October's limited equipment space means it is difficult to mount enough Generators to power both energy weapons and a Shield module. Instead, Kinetic Cannons can be considered.