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  • The newbie protected zone is a temporary newbie protection
  • It was added for the new Awaken the Dark galaxy only but will probably be included in future galaxies
  • It's in place for each player starting a new game and covers a wide area around their start position
  • 3 very fast and powerful NPC guard fleets aggressively patrol and defend it - any non-friendly fleet entering will be attacked
  • Newbie protected zones aren't granted to players joining with a spawn code

See also: Home Planet Protection, Galaxies

Skirmish New Pirate Guard 2.jpg

The image above shows a home system for a new player in the middle, the perimeter that marks the edge of the newbie protected zone and an NPC guard fleet in pursuit of a non-friendly fleet that has entered.

How it works

  • 3 NPC guard fleets patrol and defend the zone
  • Any non-friendly (no treaty, not in the same alliance) player fleets are automatically pursued and attacked (pirate fleets are ignored)
  • The guard fleets are very fast and powerful, but if a guard fleet is destroyed a replacement guard fleet will spawn
  • Once the player's newbie protection period ends the newbie protected zone and guard fleets will vanish
  • If a non-friendly fleet does manage to reach the home planet there is an additional layer of protection


  • Newbie protected zones are visible from the star map
  • Your own newbie protected zone is white/blue and other player's are red
  • Hovering the border of a newbie protected zone will reveal the protected player's name (you can contact them with a private message)


How long the newbie protected zone and NPC guard fleets last depends on the galaxy:

  • 1x speed galaxies: N/A
  • 10x speed galaxies: 5 days

Note: newbie protected zones were added for the new 10x galaxy only, but will likely be included to some degree in all future galaxies.

Spawn codes

  • Players that spawn in with a spawn code will not get their own protected zone. But if the friend that invited them still has a protected zone and they spawn within it they will also be protected in that zone because of their treaty with each other
  • This is to prevent spawn codes from being used to tactically deploy a newbie protected zone over an enemy's territory and have the NPC guard fleets attack them!
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