Network Extension I!

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Network Extension I!
Network Extension I.png
Syntis Technology
Available To: Syntis only
Prerequisite: Syntis Production Level I
Difficulty: 5
Unlocks: Increased Planet cap (19 colonies)
Required By: Network Extension II


Network Extension I! becomes available to research upon unlocking the first Syntis Production technology, and is critical in expanding Syntis empires. Unlike organic Major Factions, the Syntis have a hard planet cap; when this is reached, the Syntis player will be unable to colonize new planets, nor will they be able to invade and occupy the colonies of other players. To raise the planet cap, the five Technologies in this line must be researched. This should be a research priority early on, as the Syntis are reliant on aggressive expansion in order to compensate for their slower Population growth and fixed tax rate.