Mountain Giants

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Mountain giants are one of the most common species in a galaxy. It's a wonder how they've become so widespread in the galaxy, but their groups can be observed on arid planets located on the hundreds of light years from each other. Mountain giants are incredibly huge. Average size of an adult male can reach 25-30 meters in height with weight more than 40 tonnes. Discussion about how smart they are is still in progress. But the most important feature is that individuals grown up separately from wild giants, can be easily trained to perform hard work and military goals. They significantly boost planet production. Ingame Description

Mountain Giants
Civilization Stats
Physical Strength x5
Optimal Temp: 0°C
Temp Tolerance: High
Growth Multiplier: x0.1
Land / Water Affinity: Land
Max Home Guard: 10%
Max Unemployment: 25%
Max Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 10%
Optimal Water Balance: 20%


Mountain Giants is a non-playable civilization.

They can be occasionally found on an uncolonized planet as its native inhabitants and can be added to your population via Colonization.

They have incredibly high physical strength and high temperature tolerance, a useful asset for military and future planet production purposes, but that is significantly hindered by their low growth rate (growth multiplier of x0.1).