Mine Warfare

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Mine warfare technology is available to all civilizations through research (but not compatible with every hull).

Mine laying and sweeping modules can be fitted to ships for the deploying of a player's own minefields and the clearing of those laid by an enemy (access to minesweeping will come earlier than minelaying). Player's ships and fleets are unaffected when passing through their own minefields.

Minefield expiration

Initially, a minefield starts out with 100% density. Over time, this density reduces as mines begin to fail. To replenish a minefield, you will need to re-lay in the same position. At the moment, a minefield will completely diminish after 48 hours. Future versions will offer additional minefields types/properties.

Laying a minefield

To be able to lay a minefield you need to:

  • Research Mine Warfare Frigates (which unlocks that civilization's minelaying compatible hulls and the minelaying module)
  • Build a minelaying capable ship equipped with a minelayer module and an ammunition module
  • Lay your minefield!

Minefield Laying.jpg The button to lay a minefield is on the fleet controls (the highest on the left). Only a small icon can be seen when this close to the minefield.

Minefield Zone.jpg The minefields coverage can be viewed from further away. Hovering the minefield will reveal a tooltip showing the current density of the minefield and its strength. Mines aren't static, but in constant movement across the range of the minefield.

Minefield Star Map.jpg It's possible to see the locations/coverage of minefields from the star map's higher-level perspective.

Sweeping mines

To gain access to minesweeping technology you need to research Medium Weapon Systems. Minesweepers can be fitted to any hull (unlike minelayers).

A ship equipped with a minesweeper module will then be able to clear up a minefield laid by another player.

Access to this technology can come quite early in the technology tree. So if another player lays a minefield around your planet, you will have the chance to sweep up the minefield.