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== Stats ==
== Stats & Upgrade costs ==

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A military base is used to train and accommodate defensive troops. Defensive troops help to defend a planet against a ground invasion from another empire's assault troops.

Civilization equivalents

Different civilizations have their own equivalents for a military base as shown in the following table:

  Military Base 1.png Military Base 2.png Military Base 3.png
Level 1 1 2
Mankind Small Military Base Military Base Advanced Military Base
People's Realm Small Military Base Military Base Advanced Military Base
Ripchee Small Lair Lair Advanced Lair
Syntis TB01M - Force Spawner TB01 - Force Spawner TB01MU - Force Spawner


In addition to the default military base that each civilization starts with, there are two additional types of military base that each civilization can acquire by performing the relevant research:

Level Name Upgradable Research required
1 Military Base No None
1 Small Military Base Yes Military Base Research 1.png Military base automation
2 Advanced Military Base No Military Base Research 2.png Autonomous military bases

Stats & Upgrade costs

CivNameLevelUpgradeTroops SupportedTraining SpeedPersonnelDesirabilityPCBeCredits
MankindMilitary Base1Military Base Improved1,50025.202,0000152,000200
SyntisTB01 - Force Spawner1TB01NG - Force Spawner1,50025.202,0000152,000200
RipcheeMilitary Base1Military Base Improved1,50025.202,0000152,000200
People's RealmMilitary Base1Military Base Improved1,50025.202,0002152,000200
MankindMilitary Base Improved2Military Base Automated1,70050.402,0000152,5001,000
SyntisTB01NG - Force Spawner2TB01PU - Force Spawner1,70050.402,0000152,5001,000
RipcheeMilitary Base Improved2Military Base Automated1,70050.402,0000152,5001,000
People's RealmMilitary Base Improved2Military Base Automated1,70050.402,0002152,5001,000
MankindMilitary Base Automated3-1,900100.802,0000153,0005,000
SyntisTB01PU - Force Spawner3-1,900100.802,0000153,0005,000
RipcheeMilitary Base Automated3-1,900100.802,0000153,0005,000
People's RealmMilitary Base Automated3-1,900100.802,0002153,0005,000


  • Level: the tech-level of the military base
  • Upgrade: whether the military base can be upgraded
  • Troops supported: number of defensive troops provided
  • Personnel: number of colonists required to operate (contributes to employment)
  • Desirability: effect on colony happiness
  • PC (Power Consumption MWt): amount of colony power required
  • Be (Beron): cost in beron
  • Credits: cost in credits
  • Build: build time in seconds