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Civilization Snithereal
Class Corvette
Flagship level 6
Tech level 2
Armour 220
Length 80 m
Engines 2 x S
General (S) 3
Special (S) 1
Weapon (M) 2
Farsu 2,200
Credits 2,760
Build time (secs) 6,720

The hull's description from the Ship Designer should be included next, using the Quote template. In-Game Description

The Medusa is the Tier 2 Corvette hull of the Snithereal.

Overview & Strategy

The Medusa is well-armed with two Medium Weapon hard points, but is severely restricted in its equipment load. It only has four Small General slots to use, one of which might be given over to a Corvette Module, limiting possible designs. As a result, while this ship may be able to outshoot human Corvettes, better-equipped Syntis and Ripchee vessels will likely overwhelm it.

Nonetheless, the Medusa remains useful as an electronic warfare and intelligence ship for the Snithereal player, particularly as a minesweeping ship. It could also potentially be employed as a more durable scout in place of the Serpent; its firepower makes it better able to fend off other Scouts it may encounter, but as a Tier 2 Corvette, its build time and cost are commensurately higher.