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  • Before a ship can be constructed a blueprint needs to be designed
  • Each hull has slots where ship parts and weapons are attached
  • Some hulls also have special abilities e.g. only a Colonizer class hull can colonize a planet
  • Finished ship blueprints can be constructed in your shipyard(s)
  • Research new hull technologies to unlock them

See also: Manual:Ship Design Select Parts

Selecting a hull

Ship Designer Select Hull.jpg

  • Select a hull to begin a new ship design
  • If the hull that you want isn't available you can research it to unlock it
  • After selecting a hull you'll be taken to the next screen in the ship designer where you'll customize it
  • Once the design has been saved, research of it will begin automatically and it'll be available to your shipyards when done


  • Slots are the areas of a hull where ship parts and weapons can be attached (the more slots the better)
  • They come in small, medium and large sizes (not all hulls have all sizes)
  • Slots are compatible with either General parts or Weapons (not all hulls have Weapon slots)

Ship Slots List.jpg

For example, the hull slots available in the image above are:

  • 4 x Small General
  • 8 x Medium General
  • 4 x Medium Weapon
  • 2 x Large Weapon

Special abilities

A hull is considered to have a special ability if it has a slot compatible with a part that has limited compatibility. For example, a colonization module can only be placed on a colonizer class hull, and a cloak detector can only be placed on a corvette class hull. If a hull has a special ability listed, hover it to see details.

The following table lists the special abilities and the hull classes they are compatible with:

Icon Ability Class
Fleet Ability Assault Troop Carrier.png Assault troop carriers Frigate, Cruiser, Corvette
Fleet Ability Bomber.png Bomber Cruiser
Fleet Ability Carrier.png Carrier Battleship, Dreadnought
Fleet Ability Cloak.png Cloaking module Corvette
Fleet Ability Cloak Detector.png Cloak detector Corvette
Fleet Ability Colonizer.png Colonization Colonizer
Fleet Ability Mine Detector.png Mine detector Corvette
Fleet Ability Minelayer.png Minelayer Frigate (Level 2)
Fleet Ability Minesweeper.png Minesweeper Corvette
Fleet Ability Scout Engine.png Scout engine Scout, Corvette