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|'''Happiness Bonus:'''||30%
|'''Happiness Bonus:'''||30%
|'''Optimal water balance:'''||50%
|'''Optimal Water Balance:'''||50%
== Emergence ==
== Emergence ==

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Mankind originate from the Milky Way galaxy, 2.5 million light-years from Andromeda. A civil war of apocalyptic proportions caused an ideological divide and the formation of a splinter faction, The People’s Realm.

Humans are resourceful and practical, valuing trade, diplomacy and economics. They thrive under their preferred environmental conditions and enjoy rapid population growth. Physically weak compared to other species, but with well-rounded ships. Ingame Description

Civilization Stats
Physical Strength x1
Optimal Temp: 22°C
Temp Tolerance: Mid
Growth Multiplier: x1
Land / Water Affinity: Land
Max Home Guard: 5%
Max Unemployment: 25%
Max Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 30%
Optimal Water Balance: 50%


Mankind ascended to dominance over its home planet in such a quick span of time that it would be easy to believe they’d be a universe-conquering force of nature. Instead, and perhaps thankfully, the human species turns its powerfully creative energies upon its own self more often than not. Genetic diasporas spread it across its homeworld, divides which took ages to mend as by the time the humans reconnected they saw one another as hostile aliens despite the identical genetic identities. Even when the species stood on the cusp of space travel, it paused this most needed and mandatory of astral explorations so as to settle differences of terra.

Unfortunately, when Mankind finally expanded into space its inner squabbles did not cease. With so few hospitable planets within its solar system, Mankind merely expanded its culture of self-destruction across greater distances. All the time it had spent chewing itself up on its homeworld, it now exercised with exponential enormity across multiple planets. Man set upon man with stones, arrows, bullet, missiles, and now used starships to fight one another in the emptiness of space. Thousands of years of civilization had only learned the species one thing: how to kill itself better.

The wars culminated in an apocalyptic conflict known as Jupiter’s End. This incredibly destructive conflict drove the humans into realizing one thing: they had to set aside their differences or the constant warring would certainly be the end of them. Naturally, humans couldn’t even agree on how to proceed from there. Mankind believed that diplomacy and trade would lead the way, while a splinter group named The People’s Realm believed that human tendencies would return lest battled back with overwhelming power and a steel resolve. It is likely that, despite their creation out of the pursuit for peace, these two factions will clash heads, once again bringing mankind to its natural state: war.

Civilization Features
+ Fast population growth – Influenced by happiness
+ Low ship construction costs – Physically weaker (ground combat)
+ Advanced ship armour – Weak early and mid-game hulls