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The stats and buttons across the top of the screen make up the main UI (user interface) which is present across most game views.

Left side


The numbers on the left side of the main UI are global totals across your empire e.g. the planets shown is cumulative for all your colonies. Hovering any of these icons will reveal additional info.

The four items represent (from left to right):

  • Credits
  • Science power
  • Colonized planets (Syntis will see X/X based on their cap)
  • Fleet Capacity
  • Corruption (This value is only for Organics, or Organic Natives)

Right side


The buttons on the right side of the main UI are (from left to right):

  • Ship blueprint design: before a ship can be constructed it needs to be designed here ^
  • Galaxy overview: a breakdown of all fleets and planets
  • Research: opens the research and technology screen ^
  • Leaderboard: find out how your empire shapes up compared to others in the same galaxy
  • Settings: opens the main menu
  • ^ - Note that a green circle indicates on-going research. Science Power impacts both blueprints and technology.

Galactic news

Galaxy News.jpg

As noteworthy events occur across your empire, new notifications are delivered to the bottom of the screen. They can appear in real-time while playing, or a queue of notifications could be waiting for you when returning to a game.

You can access the galaxy news panel shown above at any time via the notifications icon in the bottom left of the main UI. A small number indicates how many - if any - unread notifications you have.

The notification panel shows: upcoming, new, and past notifications. Where notifications reference a planet or fleet, you'll be able to click and go straight to the related object.


Next to the notifications icon in the bottom left is the chat icon. Clicking it will open the in-game chat, where you can easily communicate with other players in the game.