Magnetized Target Fusion

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Magnetized Target Fusion
Power Research 1.png
Planetary Infrastructure
Prerequisite: Scientific Methods
Difficulty: 450
Unlocks: Tier 3 Power Stations
Required By: Global Science Program


Researching this Technology unlocks the final (Tier 3) upgrade for Power Station structures, which supply a further 25% more power for +150MW total.

At 450 Difficulty, it will certainly take the player some time to unlock this Technology, and at 10,000 Credits each, the resulting upgrades can be expensive for a growing empire. However, as planets grow and the player gains access to structures such as Control Centers and Cargo Transporters, Tier 3 Power Stations will become necessary, both to supply enough power and to reduce the size of the workforce subsequently needed to maintain a planet's power grid.

Just as for the previous upgrade, power stations will not supply power to the grid while offline for upgrades. Players should ensure their planetary power grids have enough spare capacity to cover upgrading structures.