Light Energy Projection II

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Light Energy Projection II
Light Energy Projection II.png
Weapons & Warfare Equipment Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Light Energy Projection I
Difficulty: 75
Unlocks: Small Power Cannon SPC-2
Required By: Light Energy Projection III


Light Energy Projection II becomes available for research immediately after unlocking the Tier 1 Small Power Cannon, but with a Difficulty of 75, will be beyond the reach of brand-new players until they are able to build their first Laboratories. Once researched, the Tier 2 Small Power Cannon will be available for use on combat ships.

Compared to the Tier 1 version of this weapon, the SPC-2 does 33% more DPS for only a modest increase in construction cost. The power consumption does not change with Tier, so there are no downsides to making this upgrade.