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Civilization People's Realm
Class Frigate
Flagship level 10
Tech level 2
Armour 800
Length 400 m
Engines 4 x L
General (S) 2
General (M) 6
Weapon (M) 6
Minelayer 1
Farsu 8,000
Credits 10,170
Build time (secs) 28,800

The Izzvil is a widely-used heavy hull. It can be used as the base for a heavy mine-laying frigate or as a powerful attack ship. Adapted from In-Game Description

The Izzvil is the Tier 2 Frigate hull of The People's Realm.

Overview & Strategy

The Izzvil is a very versatile ship. As a frigate, it can be outfitted with Assault Troop Carriers as an invasion or raiding craft, or as a mine-layer to sow defensive minefields.

Capable of taking a decent amount of punishment and with a Flag rating of 10, Izzvil variants make good battle-group cores. An obvious role is as the flagship of a mine-layer group, where a few "disposable" Stallions or Octobers screen it and perhaps a Zarion freighter for extra fuel & ordnance. As a convoy escort, the Izzvil is a natural step up from the October, offering significantly more equipment space and firepower for only a minimal increase in fuel consumption.

It is worth noting that the central Medium slot for a mine layer is also compatible with other General modules, if the player chooses not to fit a mine layer.