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UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This page is a work in progress. Please check back soon for the finished page. Government buildings will be added on Wed March 25th with the new galaxy launch.

Government buildings

Level Upgradable Name (Organic) Research (Organic) Name (Syntis) Research (Syntis)
1 Yes Government Building I None TB33 - Central AI None
2 Yes Government Building II Tech Government 2.png Government modernization II TB33V2 - Central AI Tech Syntis Government 2.png Central AI Upgrade II
3 Yes Government Building III Tech Government 3.png Government modernization III TB33V3 - Central AI Tech Syntis Government 3.png Central AI Upgrade III
4 Yes Government Building IV Tech Government 4.png Government modernization IV TB33V4 - Central AI Tech syntis Government 4.png Central AI Upgrade IV
5 No Government Building V Tech Government 5.png Government modernization V TB33V5 - Central AI Tech Syntis Government 5.png Central AI Upgrade V

Stats & upgrade costs

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  • Level: the tech-level
  • Upgrade: whether the government building can be upgraded
  • Corruption Immunity: the number of colonies an empire's corruption immunity will be increased by
  • Credit Boost: blah
  • Personnel: number of colonists required to operate (contributes to employment)
  • Desirability: effect on colony happiness
  • PC (Power Consumption MWt): amount of colony power required
  • Be (Beron): cost in beron
  • Credits: cost in credits
  • Build: build time in minutes