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Civilization Mankind
Class Freighter
Flagship level 7
Tech level 2
Armour 995
Length 995 m
Engines 10 x L
General (M) 2
General (L) 8
Farsu 9,950
Credits 2,460
Build time (secs) 11,940

The Goliath is a large freighter hull capable of transporting huge quantities of cargo across both short and long trade routes. In-Game Description

The Goliath is the Tier 2 Freighter hull of Mankind.

Overview & Strategy

The Goliath is a ship which lives up to its name; at just under 1,000m in length, it is both the largest and best-protected freighter in the game, but is still unarmed, as is typical for freighters. This size makes it a particularly fuel-hungry ship as a result. With two Medium and eight Large General slots, it has decent carrying capacity and represents a major step up from the Nebula, but a significant amount of this space will have to be given to Fuel Tanks to move supplies at Boosted Warp.