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Before the 'Awaken the Dark' galaxy was launched all galaxies mostly shared the same config. For the 'Awaken the Dark' galaxy many aspects of the game were significantly sped up and new experimental features were added. This page attempts to list each of the differences between the galaxies that are currently running (some galaxies e.g. Main 1, Skirmish 2 are closed to new players).

Game modes

  Main 1+2, Skirmish 1+2 Awaken the Dark
Game speed 1x 10x
Galaxy generation Pre-generated Dynamic
Technology research V1 V2
Newbie protection: 28 days 5 days
      Home planet Invasions Invasions, bombing
      Protected zone No Yes
Alliances Yes Yes
Unemployment affects happiness Yes No

Game speed

In the above table the 10x speed for the 'Awaken the Dark' galaxy is a rough average. Some actions are even faster than x10 as you can see in the following comparison table:

Action Main 2 Awaken the Dark Increase
Fleet travel 10/hr 100/hr 10x
Mining: 60% density 60/hr 600/hr 10x
Construction: Beron Mine 12 mins 1 min 12x
Construction: Shipyard 12 hours 1 min 720x
Ship Construction: Cruiser 25 hours 15 mins 100x
Credit income*: +450/hr +5,200/hr 12x
Growth rate*: +950/hr +9,500/hr 10x
Troop training: +252/hr +2,520/hr 10x

* When starting a new game as Mankind

Galaxy generation


All star systems and planets are generated before any players join the galaxy.


  • A cluster of new stars is added for each new player that spawns in (the player's home system is in the middle of this cluster, no new cluster is generated if a spawn code is used)
  • See the image below: the systems to the left of the yellow line were created when Player A spawned into the game ,the systems to the right of the yellow line were created when Player B spawned in, the yellow arrows indicate where the home planet systems are

Dynamic Galaxy Generation.jpg

Technology research

In the 'Awaken the Dark' galaxy a reworked version of technology research was added that will likely be used for all future galaxies. V2 is more player friendly, science points accumulate constantly and any technology can be researched in minutes if you have enough science points for it.

  • V1 - Skirmish 1+2, Main 1+2
  • V2 - Awaken the Dark

Newbie protection

All players get a degree of newbie protection when they join a galaxy. How long it lasts and how comprehensive it is depends on the galaxy.

Home planet protection

While home planet protection is active other players are unable to launch an invasion against it. This was extended to also prevent bombing in the 'Awaken the Dark' galaxy.

See: Home Planet Protection

Newbie protected zone

3 very fast and powerful NPC guard fleets aggressively patrol and defend this area - any non-friendly fleet entering will be attacked. This feature is currently exclusive to the 'Awaken the Dark' galaxy.

See: NewbieProtected Zone

Unemployment affects happiness

In the faster 'Awaken the Dark' galaxy unemployment doesn't negatively affect happiness (it has no affect on happiness). This is because with the faster pace of the galaxy unemployment quickly exceeds the tolerance of any civ.