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For supporting organic secondary populations, see Bio-Farms.

Farms increase the population size a colony can support.

  • Farms only support the player's chosen Faction (Bio-Farms support all organic populations on a planet: both primary and secondary populations, the player's own civ if they are playing an organic civ, and Minor Factions).
  • Each additional farm further increases the population size that can be supported (until the population size reaches the planet's limit).
  • Level 1 farms are available to a player from the start of a game (they don't need to be researched).
  • Level 2 and 3 farms can be unlocked by performing the relevant research.
  • Existing farms can be upgraded to the level above (if that level has been unlocked through research).
  • It's not possible to construct a level 2 or 3 farm directly - only a level 1 (which can then be upgraded).


  Farm 1.png Farm 2.png Farm 3.png
Level 1 2 3
Upgradable Yes Yes No
Research to unlock None Advanced Hydroponics.png Advanced Hydroponics or Boosted Syntis Controller Full Farm Automation.png Full Farm Automation or Miltithreading
Civilization specific names
Mankind Hydroponic Farm Hydroponic Farm Advanced Hydroponic Farm Automated
People's Realm Hydroponic Farm Hydroponic Farm Advanced Hydroponic Farm Automated
Ripchee Hydroponic Farm Hydroponic Farm Advanced Hydroponic Farm Automated
Syntis TB03 - Syntis Controller TB03B - Syntis Controller TB03MT - Syntis Controller


  • Each civilization starts off with access to level 1 farms.
  • Level 2 and 3 farms can be unlocked by researching the relevant technology (see 'Research to unlock' in the table above).

Constructing and upgrading

  • Level 1 farms can be constructed directly.
  • Level 2 farms can be built only by upgrading a level 1 farm.
  • Level 3 farms can be built only by upgrading a level 2 farm.

Stats & Upgrade Costs

MankindHydroponic Farm1Hydroponic Farm Advanced25,0005,0000102,500300720
MankindHydroponic Farm2Hydroponic Farm Automated30,0005,0000103,0001,5003,600
MankindHydroponic Farm3-35,0005,0000103,5007,50018,000
People's RealmHydroponic Farm1Hydroponic Farm Advanced25,0005,0000102,500300720
People's RealmHydroponic Farm2Hydroponic Farm Automated30,0005,0000103,0001,5003,600
People's RealmHydroponic Farm3-35,0005,0000103,5007,50018,000
RipcheeHydroponic Farm1Hydroponic Farm Advanced25,0005,0000102,500300720
RipcheeHydroponic Farm2Hydroponic Farm Automated30,0005,0000103,0001,5003,600
RipcheeHydroponic Farm3-35,0005,0000103,5007,50018,000
SyntisTB32 - Depositor1TB32D - Depositor25,0005,0000102,500300720
SyntisTB32D - Depositor2TB32M - Depositor30,0005,0000203,0001,5003,600
SyntisTB32M - Depositor3-35,0005,0000303,5007,50018,000


  • Level: the tech-level of the farm
  • Upgrade: whether the farm can be upgraded to a higher level or not
  • Supports: number of colonists that can be sustained
  • Personnel: number of colonists required to operate (contributes to employment)
  • Desirability: effect on colony happiness
  • PC (Power Consumption MWt): amount of colony power required
  • Be (Beron): cost in beron
  • Credits: cost in credits
  • Build: build time in seconds