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* '''Name''': The weapon's name.
* '''Name''': The weapon's name.
* '''Level''': The weapon's tech-level.
* '''Level''': The weapon's tech-level.
* '''Research''': The technology that must be researched to unlock this module for use.
* '''Research''': The technology that must be researched to unlock this weapon for use.
* '''Size''': '''S'''mall, '''M'''edium or '''L'''arge (weapons are only compatible with the correct size of Weapon hard-point).
* '''Size''': '''S'''mall, '''M'''edium or '''L'''arge (weapons are only compatible with the correct size of Weapon hard-point).
* '''PC''': [[Ship Power]] consumption in MWt.
* '''PC''': [[Ship Power]] consumption in MWt.

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Energy-based Ship Weapons are powered entirely by a ship's power supply.

  • Energy Weapons are blocked by Shields, while (ordnance-based weapons aren't blocked by shields. However, Energy Weapons typically do more damage to ships when shields are down/not installed than their ordnance-based counterparts.
  • Because Energy Weapons are powered by the ship's power, they do not require Ship Ordnance to function, and so will never run out of ammunition.
  • Energy Weapons are generally more expensive than ordnance-based weapons, requiring Ziryl in their construction (which isn't needed for ordnance-based weapons).

Cannons (fixed mount)

  • Fixed cannons require a clear line of sight to their target, and are unable to fire if another ship is in the way.
  • Fixed cannons also cannot move independently of the ship, and are unable to fire at a target not directly within its line of fire.
Power Cannon SPC-11Light Energy Projection IS253063---250250112
Power Cannon SPC-21Light Energy Projection IIS253084---375250168
Power Cannon SPC-31Light Energy Projection IIIS2530115.5---550250247
Power Cannon SPC-41Light Energy Projection IVS2530168---800250360
Power Cannon SPC-51Light Energy Projection VS25302311.5---1,125250506
Plasma Cannon MPC-12Medium Energy Projection IM7530157.5---750750674
Plasma Cannon MPC-22Medium Energy Projection IIM7530189---875750786
Plasma Cannon MPC-32Medium Energy Projection IIIM75302110.5---1,050750944
Plasma Cannon MPC-42Medium Energy Projection IVM75302613---1,3007501,170
Plasma Cannon MPC-52Medium Energy Projection VM75303316.5---1,6257501,462

See below for table column definitions.


  • Turrets require a clear line of sight to their target, and are unable to fire if another ship is in the way.
  • Turrets can move independently of the ship to track and fire at a moving target (indicated by the AS angular speed property).
  • Turrets will not track independently of any other fixed weapons that the hull may have, and will not fire until all other weapons are able to do so.
Plasma Turret PT-12Tracking Device for Power Cannon IM1006055--755001,000600
Plasma Turret PT-22Tracking Device for Power Cannon IIM1006066--756251,000712
Plasma Turret PT-32Tracking Device for Power Cannon IIIM1006088--758001,000870
Plasma Turret PT-42Tracking Device for Power Cannon IVM100601111--751,0501,0001,094
Plasma Turret PT-52Tracking Device for Power Cannon VM100601515--751,3751,0001,386
Power Beam BT-1003Particle Manipulation IM2257.58010--751,0003,5002,775
Power Beam BT-2003Particle Manipulation IIM2257.59011.25--751,1253,5003,093
Power Beam BT-3003Particle Manipulation IIIM2257.510513.13--751,3123,5003,570
Power Beam BT-4003Particle Manipulation IVM2257.512515.63--751,5623,5004,209
Power Beam BT-5003Particle Manipulation VM2257.515519.38--751,9373,5005,163

See below for table column definitions.

Armor bane

  • Armor bane weapons are a type of energy weapon that do damage relative to the armour of the hull they strike. The percentage of damage done is relative to the target hull's base HP, plus any additional armor modules installed.
  • Against Shields, armor bane weapons will inflict their listed DPS as a raw number (not a percentage), and so are ineffective.

Example - a target ship with 1,000 HP (900 HP hull + 100 HP armor module) is fired on by an ABA-S armor bane weapon (1% damage per round). Against armour, each shot will cause 10 hull damage per strike, even when that ship's hull falls below 1,000 HP. Against shields, each shot will cause only 1 damage to the shield.

Armor Bane Cannon ABA-S6Armor NegationS25302%1.0%---1,000250132
Armor Bane Cannon ABB-S6N/AS25302%1.0%---1,500250198
Armor Bane Cannon ABA-M6Boosted Armor NegationM75303%1.5%---2,000750270
Armor Bane Turret ABA-M6N/AM75304%2.0%---4,000750336

See below for table column definitions.

* The ABB-S cannon and ABA-M turret are not yet in the game.

Plasma shells

  • These weapons do not require a clear line of sight to their target, and so can strike any target in a fleet, even if other ships are in the way.
  • Other ships within the splash radius of these weapons' shots will also take damage (ships positioned close to each other in a fleet are vulnerable).
Lightning Gun LPL-14Laser-induced Plasma Channel IL3004.98352.91-10-1,1003,5007,220
Lightning Gun LPL-24Laser-induced Plasma Channel IIL3004.98403.32-10-1,3503,5008,424
Lightning Gun LPL-34Laser-induced Plasma Channel IIIL3004.98453.74-10-1,7003,50010,028
Lightning Gun LPL-44Laser-induced Plasma Channel IVL3004.98504.15-10-2,1503,50012,036
Lightning Gun LPL-54Laser-induced Plasma Channel VL3004.98554.57-10-2,7003,50014,448

See below for table column definitions.

* Plasma Shell Launcher weapons are not yet in the game but will be added shortly.

Unique energy weapons

The following weapons are only accessible for specific civilizations:


Power Beam BT-ABA-I4Ripchee Demolisher IM2257.514%2%--751,6252,5005,824
Power Beam BT-ABA-II4Ripchee Demolisher IIM2257.516%2.00%--752,2502,5007,948

Fighter carriers

Fighter Carriers are a type of Ship Weapon that launch fighter squadrons to attack the enemy during Fleet Battles. They are detailed on the Fighter Carriers page.


  • Name: The weapon's name.
  • Level: The weapon's tech-level.
  • Research: The technology that must be researched to unlock this weapon for use.
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large (weapons are only compatible with the correct size of Weapon hard-point).
  • PC: Ship Power consumption in MWt.
  • RPM: Number of Rounds Per Minute that can be fired.
  • DPR: Damage Per Round delivered.
  • DPS: Average Damage Per Second, based on the weapon's RPM and DPR stats.
  • Splash: Splash radius in meters for projectiles (all ships within this range are damaged as if directly struck themselves).
  • FT: Projectile's Flight Time from launcher to target.
  • AS: Angular Speed of turret rotation in degrees per second.
  • Fa: Module cost in farsu (added to ship total build cost).
  • Zi: Module cost in ziryl (added to ship total build cost).
  • Credits: Module cost in credits (added to ship total build cost).