Damage Dispersion

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Damage Dispersion
Damage Dispersion.png
Spaceship Engineering Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Wave Energy Neutralization
Difficulty: 150
Unlocks: Ship Armour Modules
Required By: Reinforced Power Amour


Damage Dispersion is a valuable technology, providing Armour modules for ships once unlocked. Armour modules provide less protection than Shields, and any hull damage sustained must be repaired after a fight. However, they will help protect against all incoming damage, including damage from minefields and Orbit Defense Systems, whereas Shields can be bypassed by ordnance-based attacks.

At 150 Difficulty, it will take time for new players to unlock this technology, and they will need warships in the meantime for attack and defence. New players should not wait to unlock this Tech before building combat ships – they can be refitted later, along with any other new upgrades the player has access to, such as Improved Warp Engines and Small Weapons.

These modules are also not simple metal plates, but draw on Ship Power to function, meaning extra Generators may be needed in the player's ship designs.