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Thinking about helping out with the wiki? This page will get you up to speed and explain how and where to get started.

We need your help

A great wiki makes the game more enjoyable to play, enabling players to find the relevant info they need and to get more out of playing.

While members of the Beyond Dark development team are also active in maintaining this wiki, it is a community wiki, and we encourage players to get involved however they can. Your contributions are valued and enable us to instead focus our time on development and making the best game possible!

Contributing could be a sentence or two clarifying how something in the game works, fixing grammar on a page, uploading an image, a gameplay guide - it's up to you :)

How to edit content

Create an account

Before being able to edit a page, you'll need to create a wiki account and login (this account is for editing the wiki only and is not connected to the game). Once logged in, an "Edit" page tab will appear at the top of each page.

Editing a page

  1. Click the "Edit" page tab at the top of the page.
  2. Make changes to the text.
  3. Click the "Show preview" button to preview your changes before committing them
  4. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click the "Save changes" button.

Using the editor

This wiki uses MediaWiki - the same open source software as Wikipedia - so editing this wiki works in the same way. Anything related to editing a page not covered here, should be covered on the MediaWiki Help pages.

Formatting text

To achieve anything other than plain text, special formatting must be used. Typically, this will be limited to headers, lists, links, and some basic font styling e.g. italic or bold. To find out how to format text:

  • Visit the MediaWiki page on formatting for a comprehensive list of text formatting options (bold, italic, lists, headers, etc.).
  • Click the "Edit" tab on other pages to see how they have used formatting


Headers are used to organise a page and provide structure. The wiki also uses them to automatically generate the page contents shown at the top of most pages.

Headers should be placed on their own line and can be used between Levels 2 and 6 (Level 1 is reserved for the page title).

== Level 2 ==

=== Level 3 ===

==== Level 4 ====

===== Level 5 =====

====== Level 6 ======


Links can be used to link to both pages and categories. The anchor text can be generated automatically or overridden. In addition to the below examples, you can find out more about link formatting here.

[[Mankind]] (link to the page Mankind)
[[Mankind|View the Mankind page]] (link to the page Mankind with custom anchor text)
[[:Category:Mankind]] (link to the Mankind category)
[[:Category:Mankind|View all Mankind related content]] (link to the Mankind category with custom anchor text)


To use an image on the page, it must be uploaded to the wiki if it hasn't already been. Once uploaded, it can be embedded to a page using the following syntax:


See this page for more info on using images. If another page displays content in a way that you would like to copy, you can always click the "Edit" button to take a look at the code to see how it was done.

Data tables

Some pages contain data tables which automatically render data that we have exported to a spreadsheet. This data is updated automatically as the game config is adjusted. Pages where these data table tags can be found are fine to edit, but the data table code itself should remain untouched to avoid disabling the table.

This example is taken from the Banshee page:

<datatable type="hull"></datatable>

This example is from the Mankind Hulls page:


Please let us know if there is a particular data table you would like, or have a suggestion concerning any of the existing tables.

Using categories

Categories are used to organize pages:

  • Each page should belong to at least one category.
  • Each category should itself belong to at least one other category, except for the top-most Wiki category.

If a category topic itself is article-worthy, an additional page should be created for it, which the category page links to. For example, there is a category page Mankind Hulls which is used to group related content, and a separate article page for Mankind Hulls (which is linked to from the first line of the Mankind Hulls category).

Pages and categories are added to a category by adding the following syntax to its content:

[[Category:Mankind Hulls]]

See the links section above for details on how to link to a category.

How to help

  • Take a look at the pages under the following categories:
    • Need starting: pages in this category will be empty (possibly with a data table/image only) and in need of at least some basic details added.
    • Need expanding: content in this category needs expanding e.g. more points covered, a data table adding, images.
    • Need updating: content that could now be outdated or has room for improvement.
    • Need verifying: content in this category needs to be verified for accuracy/quality and moved to Need updating if necessary.
  • Validate recent wiki activity (click the diff/hist to see what changed)
  • Improve existing pages.
  • Correct grammar mistakes and inaccurate content.

Discussing this wiki & getting help

The Beyond Dark forum has an area for discussing this wiki. Please post there if you need help with anything, have any suggestions for this wiki, or wish to discuss something with other wiki contributors.