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Civilization Mankind
Class Colonizer
Flagship level 4
Tech level 1
Armour 200
Length 200 m
Engines 4 x M
General (M) 2
Farsu 2,000
Credits 500
Build time (secs) 2,400

The Columbus is an old but reliable hull design. It can be used to create a colonization vessel or a cheap cargo vessel. In-Game Description

The Columbus is the Tier 1 Colonizer hull of Mankind.

Overview & Strategy

The Columbus is a crucial hull for Mankind players, as it is the only one compatible with the Colonization Module, thus allowing the player to colonize new planets and expand their empire.

Although the Columbus can potentially be configured as a cargo vessel, its equipment capacity is modest at only two Medium General slots, at least one of which must be a Fuel Tank if the ship is to travel any appreciable distance. The other might be given to a Cargo or Personnel Transport module, in order to get a new colony started quickly. When colonizing planets, the colonizer ship may need to be supported by other freighters to bring in any further resources or population that the new colony may require. This hull also has no Weapon slots of any size, so an armed escort is also advised.


  • The Columbus is featured in most of the animations that play when the player colonizes a new planet.