Cloaking Modules

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Cloaking Modules are a special class of ship module used to cloak fleets. When the flagship of a fleet activates its Cloaking Module, the entire fleet will become invisible to both Ship and Planetary Scanners. However, such fleets will still be visible to ships using Cloak Detectors.

  • Cloaking Modules are only compatible with Corvette-class hulls.
  • Cloaking Modules require fuel (Olzine) to activate, and will not function without it.
  • Only the flagship of a cloaked fleet needs a Cloaking Module. Having multiple ships with Cloaking Modules does not improve their effectiveness or duration.
  • Cloaking Modules must be unlocked through the relevant research. Higher-tier Cloaking Modules are more fuel-efficient and provide longer-lasting effects.
  • Cloaked fleets may move freely, but engaging in battle always deactivates the cloaking device.


Cloaking Module1Radiation-Absorbent WavesS20800121,0002,000
Cloaking Module2Project Under The CloakS251,200272,0006,000
Cloaking Module3Stealth WarsS301,600543,00012,000


  • Name: The module's name.
  • Level: The module's tech-level.
  • Research: The technology that must be researched to unlock this module for use.
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large.
  • PC: Ship Power consumption in MWt.
  • Fuel: Olzine required for module activation.
  • Cloaking Time: Duration of module activity in cloaking ships, in seconds.
  • Fa: Module cost in farsu (added to ship total build cost).
  • Credits: Module cost in credits (added to ship total build cost).
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